Serviceplan from Toyota

Designed to save you money!
Serviceplan from Toyota is a simple way to save you money.
Designed to save you money!

Serviceplan from Toyota is a simple way to spread your vehicle’s service costs over a number of monthly payments, in the same way you would with other bills. As well as offering greater convenience serviceplan from Toyota can also save you money.

Serviceplan from Toyota can be purchased for any new or used Toyota vehicle or for your existing Toyota vehicle. Talk to your local Toyota Dealer/Repairer today to get your personalised quotation.


  • Fixing your FUTURE service costs at today's’ prices for up to 5 years. 
  • Convenient affordable monthly payments making budgeting easier.
  • Complete flexibility to suit your annual mileage/length of ownership.
  • Maintain the value of your vehicle with a full Toyota Service History.
  • Added Benefits as a serviceplan from Toyota Owner.
What happens when servicing prices go up?

From time to time, prices may go up, but with serviceplan from Toyota your future service prices have been agreed in advance and guaranteed against any increase in prices for the duration of plan.

What happens if I change my car?

Any money in your serviceplan from Toyota account, minus the cost of any work carried out and any direct debit charges, can be transferred to your next Toyota at no charge, or refunded to you if you prefer.

What happens if I want to cancel?

The service plan can be cancelled at any time and a refund given, minus any work carried out and direct debit charge if applicable.

What will the monthly payment be for my servicing needs?

That depends on the model you drive, the annual mileage covered and any optional service work you wish to include. The sales team at your Toyota dealership can prepare a serviceplan from Toyota quotation for you in less than 5 minutes with no obligation to purchase.

How much can I expect to save with serviceplan from Toyota?

As soon as you sign up for serviceplan from Toyota you are saving money as the cost of all services included in your serviceplan are fixed, so you are protected against any price increases. In addition you can also avail of discounts for other work not included in the serviceplan from Toyota.

What is included in the my serviceplan from Toyota?

Each plan is customised to suit your annual mileage ensuring the correct scheduled service is included in your plan for when your vehicle requires.

Can I include other items, such as brake pad replacement in my serviceplan?

Yes, with serviceplan from Toyota you can include brake pad replacement that can be redeemed from 30,000km service spreading the cost over the lifetime of the plan.

How to pay

Spread the cost with affordable monthly payments collected by direct debit or pay the full amount up front with cash, credit or debit card.

Terms & Conditions of Service plan from Toyota

These terms and conditions form part of the contract between you the Customer and your Toyota Dealer/Repairer for the Serviceplan from Toyota which you have agreed to accept. 

  • The Serviceplan from Toyota is a contract between, you the Customer, and your Toyota Dealer/ Repairer and all services covered by this contract must be redeemed from your Toyota Dealer/ Repairer . 
  • The contract applies to the registered vehicle only and cannot be transferred. 
  • Serviceplan from Toyota can cover the costs for the following scheduled service items. Oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter (if applicable), cabin filter, brake fluid and spark plugs (if applicable), also associated labour & VAT at plan inception. 
  • Serviceplan from Toyota also offers “optional items”. If selected for your plan, an approximate date will be agreed (based on annual mileage) for redemption. 
  • All scheduled service work and any optional services outlined in the contract will be carried out by the selling authorised Toyota Dealer/ Repairer.
  • All vehicles will undergo a Vehicle Health Check (VHC) during the scheduled service. Any recommendations will be costed and presented for your approval before any additional work commences . 
  • Only scheduled items listed and selected “optional items” detailed in your contract are covered by the plan. 
  • Items not specifically mentioned in Serviceplan from Toyota , requiring replacement or repair due to excessive wear and tear or misuse, not limited to tyres/fluids are not covered.
  • As a Serviceplan from Toyota customer you are also entitled to the following benefits. 10% discount on additional work not covered by the plan (excluding tyres), 10% discount off any Toyota genuine accessory fitted, free puncture repairs (if repairable) , free bulb fitment (external bulb only, bought from selling authorised Toyota Dealer/ Repairer, free wiper fitment, free VHC s, inflation proof routine service costs. 
  • The plan price agreed is guaranteed against any price increases for the duration of the con tract with the exception of any change in VAT rates. 
  • Serviceplan from Toyota cannot be used in conjunction with any other service offers or promotions. 
  • The contract shall end when all services listed in the contract have been delivered or in the event of cancellation of the contract. 
  • The authorised Toyota Dealer/ Repairer has the right to cancel the contract in the event of two unsuccessful direct debit collections. 
  • Your Serviceplan from Toyota price is calculated on expected annual mileage. Where the actual annual mileage is likely to exceed the expected annual mileage agreed at the time of plan purchase, you must advise the selling authorised Toyota Dealer/ Repairer. Failure to do so may invalidate the contract. 
  • Higher actual mileage than expected may require a service plan amendment/cancellation. Future monthly payments may increase to reflect this increase in mileage or if you have paid in full, shortfall can be paid directly to selling authorised Toyota Dealer/ Repairer in advance of scheduled service. 
  • You can cancel your Serviceplan from Toyota at any stage by contacting the selling authorised Toyota Dealer/ Repairer in writing. A full statement of account is available from the selling authorised Toyota Dealer/ Repairer, please contact them directly. 
  • Monthly payment will be collected by direct debit in/around the first working day of the month. Payments will be collected by eDynamix LLP (trading as Planmyservice LLP ) and subsequently transferred to the selling authorised Toyota Dealer/ Repairer. 
  • Planmyserv ice LLP will appear on your bank statement 
  • The monies collected by direct debit are held by the selling authorised Toyota Dealer/ Repairer. 
  • A customer reassurance fund will be established with the objective of endeavouring to refund outstanding monies in the event that a contracted authorised Toyota Dealer/ Repairer is unable to fulfill their obligations. 
  • The personal information provided by you will be shared with Toyota Ireland. Your information will not be shared for marketing purposes with companies outside the selling authorised Toyota Dealer/ Repairer or Toyota Ireland.